News 2024 / ALPI Wooclé and Peacock / Design GamFratesi

ALPI Wooclé and ALPI Peacock are the wood veneers born from the collaboration with GamFratesi. Based on their experience designing architecture and furniture, GamFratesi rose to the challenge of working with the two-dimensional material of ALPIlignum. The result is ALPI Wooclé, made using a technique that lends it depth and texture to create a satisfying visual experience. ALPI Wooclé comes in two colours, ALPI Wooclé Yellow and ALPI Wooclé Grey.
GamFratesi’s second project, ALPI Peacock, takes its cue from the complexity of the arboreal world in which bark, leaves and wood structure form an intricate and wondrous universe. The outcome is readable as wood yet has a certain degree of abstractness. ALPI Peacock is available in two colours, ALPI Peacock Grey and ALPI Peacock Brown.

"When you work with a two-dimensional material, it is fun to give it three-dimensionality. Obviously, you cannot do so physically, but you can make it work graphically. Both of our projects aspire to three-dimensionality given by pattern, a balanced play of light, shade and colour," say GamFratesi.

The ALPIlignum Collection is FSC® 100% certified (FSC-C004666), thanks to full control of the supply chain. Moreover, regarding fire safety, the Collection’s flame-resistance is now classified as Bs1d0, giving the veneers a higher level of safety and more inclusive compliance with design requirements.

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News 2024 / ALPI Wooclé and Peacock / Design GamFratesi


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